Mother Nature Scoffs at Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan

February 10th 2020


Are new apps in election cycles ever a good idea? Following the chaos in Iowa, Netanyahu’s Likud party has now leaked the data of every voter in Israel.

Meanwhile, the pro-Israel US political group AIPAC is struggling to remain bipartisan.

The US ambassador to Israel has issued a warning to Netanyahu.

All this and more in today’s DeepDive.

Mother Nature Scoffs at Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan (The New York Times)

To get a different perspective on the Trump-Kushner peace plan, Thomas Friedman decided to call the best Middle East analyst he knew. Her name is Mother Nature.

In her words: “Let me take you on a tour of the neighborhood, as I see it. Warning: My maps have no boundary lines, no walls — and no Areas A, B and C in the West Bank.”

AIPAC apologizes for ads branding Democrats as ‘radicals’ (The Times of Israel)

Pro-Israel group pulls four Facebook ads, including one which claimed that some US lawmakers could pose a greater threat than the Islamic State.

In a statement posted Saturday on Twitter, the lobby offered its “unequivocal apology to the overwhelming majority of Democrats in Congress who are rightfully offended by the inaccurate assertion that the poorly worded, inflammatory advertisement implies.”

App Used by Netanyahu's Likud Leaks Israel's Entire Voter Registry (Haaretz)

The Likud has uploaded the full register of Israeli voters to an application, causing the leak of personal data on 6,453,254 citizens. The information includes the full names, identity card numbers, addresses and gender of every single eligible voter in Israel, as well as the phone numbers and other personal details of some of them. 

U.S. ambassador to Israel warns against West Bank annexation (Politico)

The U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, has cautioned Israel against “unilateral action” in annexing West Bank settlements, warning that such a move could endanger the Trump administration’s recently unveiled Mideast plan.

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